The family Valter-Wintershoven, originally from Antwerp (Belgium), runs this project since 2004. They also live at the complex as well and therefore they are always able to answer your questions or wishes. Your holiday  will be one without worries and for sure, you will enjoy your stay at the Caribbean sea

This family speaks Dutch, French, English and German

As a free service, they will pick you up from Hato airport. Meanwhile you can experience your first impressions of this tropical island.

On arrival you'll receive an info guide, an island map and a practical restaurant guide with some extra personal information.

Some interesting discount tickets will be provided also, to use on several beaches and excursions.

This way, Waterside Apartments wants you to have a wonderful holiday to remember.


Waterside Apartments is a member of the Curacao Apartments and Small Hotels Association and therefore controlled, supported and recognized by the Curaçao Tourist Office. This accommodation therefor guarantee quality, hygiene and comfort as determined by the Curacao Tourist Office.





Waterside Apartments

Redaweg 57a - Boca Sami

Curaçao - Nederlandse Antillen


Tel : (00.5999) 888.6201

US Local 818-582-5361

Fax : (00.5999) 888.6213

Mob : (00.5999) 696.7850

Mail :

skype : the_watersiders

BB : 234287F8


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